Is to live in a world where women feel and know they are able to achieve whatever goals they want in life and there are networks of other women to support their journey so they are never alone.



Empowering women to be their best.


If you would like support from like-minded individuals to achieve your goals then this is the place to be. It is open to all women. You can get a break from the children/family for a few hours to focus on yourself, develop your goals, dreams, network and socialize.

Don’t let having children be your excuse for not realizing your dream.
Come and be part of an exciting journey.



We provide information and advice drop in sessions in the following areas for women employment, Relationships and debt.

Each sub heading with links to the services page

  • Employment law support (we are not solicitors) if you are having problems at work and we can support you at Employment Tribunal hearings, self employment issues with understanding how everything works.


  • Family support – assistance and support with family issues such as dealing with divorce from a cultural awareness and religious perspective, children support with parenting, dealing with the school where there are issues with children, domestic violence guidance and support, general befriending etc. As an organisation dealing mainly with women from BAME communities we handle this from a culturally and religiously sensitive perspective.
  • Debt advice – how to manage debt, assess options for getting out of debt, assistance with budgeting, writing letters to creditors.


  • Careers advice:- help with finding a job and changing career. Maybe you have been a stay at home mum and would like to move into paid employment or you have been made redundant and would like to change career or start a business.


  • Drop-ins are on Mondays 10-12 by appointment. call or email to book an appointment.

Appointment booking is essential

Drop in appointments Mondays 10-12

Telephone Monday – Friday 10-2pm



We are a small grassroots organisation with very limited resources. If you believe in our vision and would like to support us, there are a number of ways you can do this.

  • Volunteer with us. We are always looking for volunteers to help with administration, one to one advisors, event planners, fundraisers or you can even join our trustee board. As a volunteers not only will you be helping vulnerable women during their time of need you will also gain really useful skills and meet lots of people from all walks of life. If you are interested in volunteering Email your CV to us


  • Make a donation. We always welcome donations from our supporters. We are currently self funded and even on such a tight budget have been privileged to be able to do some amazing work with women using mainly volunteers who believe in our vision. We know there is a lot more to do and we can do more with more money. If you would like to support us financially you can go to our just giving page and make a donation at www.justgiving, you can also shop via our website and we receive a donation from every shop you buy something from online.


  • Interact with us. Send us your views on the issues affecting women today and how we can work together to overcome the challenges. You can also attend one of our women’s forum seminar/workshops where we have lively discussions on such topics that affect women. We are on facebook & twitter.


  • Work with us. We believe that to really help the women who need help we cannot do it alone. In fact no agency can fulfil all the needs of their client group alone. That’s why we are always interested in collaborating with other groups who can compliment what we do. We work with a number of schools, children’s services, social services, etc. If you would like to partner or work with us contact us via our contact page


As a grassroots organisation we are funded mainly by in kind contributions and support from members and friends who donate time, facilities, and other resources such as materials and food etc. We are therefore limited in what we can do and what we can offer unless we are able to raise funds to support our work.