STEPS Our FREE adult training, employment and personal development programme


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has unfortunately caused many people to lose their jobs and livelihoods, we have launched a new training and employment service. STEPSSupporting you with Training, Employment and Personal development and Self-employment.

Our STEPS programme aims to support adults who wish to:

  • boost their confidence in transforming their lives and livelihoods
  • access training and volunteer opportunities to update work skills
  • gain essential qualifications for work or further education
  • learn skills for life to develop themselves personally and increase chances of success for their families
  • start and run a small business on a self-employed basis

In the light of COVID-19 self isolation and social distancing, we will be conducted one to one sessions remotely via any combination of phone, email, video conferencing and WhatsApp. We will also run open air personal development sessions surrounded by nature which is a good boost for self confidence and positivity.

The STEPS Service includes;

  1. 12 One to one virtual coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals for support and overcome any barriers you face moving forward with your life.
  2. Assistance with getting into employment via volunteering opportunities,
  3. Support to complete job applications
  4. Support with creating a business plan and raising funds to start up a business
  5. Coaching sessions for confidence building and personal development
  6. Access to our network of employers and training providers

The STEPS team have combined experience in working with a wide range of different clients SMEs including young people – leaving care, NEETS and 16 to 24 , 50+ stay at home parents, female returners, health returners and various disabled groups. We are qualified and experienced in delivering business startup advice and training, ICT training, personal development coaching, career management coaching, distance learning, adult tutoring 1-2-1, in groups and via workshops, and course delivery.

All sessions are FREE until you reach your goal of one of the 3 outcomes; Training, Employment or Self-employment.

This programme is supported by the ESFA (European Social Fund)

For more information and to register contact 07906343050 or email [email protected]